Consultation with maxillofacial surgeon, cervical magnetic-resonance tomography and cytological examination for 390 GEL

National Center of Surgery offers a promotion in maxillofacial surgery department.

If you noticed following symptoms, you should definitely use this promotion:

  • Facial asymmetry, especially in parotid-mastication area (ear’s frontal and rear or submandibular area)
  • feel an existence of growth for a long period of time ethat might be accompanied by mouth dryness and discomfort when talking or chewing

National Center of Surgery offers following for 390 GEL, instead of 540

  • Consultation with maxillofacial surgeon.
  • Cervical magnetic-resonance tomography
  • Cytological examination

Promotion is valid every Thursday

If you would like to use our promotion, please, make an appointment in advance at 588 119 119 or 2 02 25 25

Wish you health!