The Clinic’s mission, principles, and goals


Named after K. Eristavi National Center of Experimental and Clinical Surgery is one of the oldest medical institutions in Georgia. Its history dates back to 1946 and the tradition of medical activities continues to this day.

When talking about the achievements of modern medicine, the conversation unfolds before our eyes, the latest equipment, present-day clinics, unique surgeries, accompanied by the greatest emotion of success achieved by the results obtained through the great efforts of professionals.

It can be said valiantly, that our clinic fully meets these standards. This is progressive thinking management, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and, most importantly, a team of highly qualified professional doctors.

The management of the center engages in all-important local or international meetings, in scientific or practical conferences, seminars, exhibitions, where all the necessary information and data are gathered, which allows the development of a post-reconciliation development plan.

With the joint work and dedication of each employee of the National Center of Surgery and the modern management, the clinic has already occupied an important niche in the hospital sector of Georgia, restored and in some cases regained the trust and appreciation of the population.

The mission of the clinic

The National Center of Surgery maintains a rare balance for an institution with its status. It continues to present mission presentation and implementation: to create, maintain, teach and apply knowledge in the service of the population.

The evident purpose of our clinic is to think beyond ourselves.

Therefore, the mission of the clinic was and is:

  • To concentrate and apply existing medical knowledge and experience;
  • Creating, finding, and introducing innovation;
  • Integrate the past and the present, and use the result for the sake of the people. 

It is noteworthy, that the management of the clinic analyzes the role of modern innovations and technologies for the development of the medical field, innovative and high-tech services are being developed in the footsteps of traditional medical services, which will ultimately have a positive impact on ensuring the well-being and vitality of the population.

The working principles of the center

The role of modern innovations and technologies for the development of the field was analyzed by the management after the staffing of the center with highly qualified medical and administrative staff. Accordingly, a further phase of the center's development was arranged, which mainly involves the development of innovative and high-tech services, in addition to the delivery of traditional medical services. All this, in our belief, has a positive impact on the welfare of the population and the goal of prolonging the viability. Accordingly, the working principles of the Center are based on such priorities as:

  • Academic knowledge and experience of medical staff;
  • To focus on knowledgeable, energetic, enterprising, and constantly evolving people during personnel changes;
  • Ownership and use of modern medical equipment and technologies;
  • Requiring only the latest, modern standards and the best during expanding of the technical arsenal;
  • Consideration of all types of security while providing medical services and compliance with standard requirements;
  • Use and adherence to national and international guidelines and protocols;
  • Continuous staff training and education;
  • Use of local and foreign internships to continue medical education;
  • Adherence to a high standard of medical quality and the use of comprehensive, constantly updated tools for management;
  • Uncompromising adherence to health care regulatory requirements established by the country's legislation;
  • Use of the clinic's internal operating system and its constant updating;
  • Firm adherence to patient rights, medical ethics, and deontology;
  • Caring for the patient, the person as a core value and using all professional, material-technical, legal, and moral-ethical resources for this purpose.

The aim of the organization

The Center's development strategy and planned activities are based on the challenges in the medical field and its development prospects.

To compensate for such issues, the organization aims to:

  • To maximize medical services;
  • Providing a patient-oriented primary health care system;
  • Access to services and quality medical care for low-income communities;
  • Awareness raising and disease prevention through patient education and counseling;
  • Ensuring the highest standards of clinical processes;
  • When providing medical services ensuring maximum comfort and meeting the individual needs of patients;
  • The maximum visible presentation of the clinic's medical potential both domestically and internationally;
  • To establish the National Center of Surgery as an international level medical hub using clinical and material-technical, information and marketing technologies as constructively as possible.

With all this in mind, the National Center of Surgery has the opportunity to better tailor its services to the needs, requirements, and interests of its customers, to respond appropriately to the challenges facing the medical field.

We appreciate your interest in the National Center of Surgery.