What is elastography?

What is elastography?

Elastography is an innovative technology for measuring tissue density, which is based on the detection, evaluation of heterogeneous tissue and it’s comparison with healthy tissue.

If the growth is firm, it indicates on the atypical cancer growth, whereas it's relatively soft indicates on its’ benignness

Examination’s advantages:

  • Elastography is a painless and safe method since it is an ultrasound. It is safe for patients of any age group, including children and adolescents (which cannot be said for other examinations conducted for this purpose);
  • The method is used with particular success for diagnostics/exclusion of cancerous processes in mammary glands.;
  • This method is one of the reliable ones with 92-95% of accuracy.
  • Elastography examination two times a year for cancerous process prevention is the right step.

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