Doctor - Lasha Silogava

Lasha Silogava

General Surgeon, Surgical Oncologists, Proctologist, Endoscopist


2007 – Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Continuous Professional Development, Diagnostic and medicinal endoscopy of proximal part of the gastrointestinal tract;

1993–1999 – Tbilisi Medical University “Esculapi”, Faulty of Medicine, medical healing specialization.

Work experience

2017 – Present - National Center of Surgery, head of the proctology department;

2017 – Present - National Center of Surgery, “New Life” clinic, surgeon, proctologist and endoscopist;

2018 – LTD “Personalized Clinic” clinic, surgeon-proctologist (consultant)

2009 – Present – LTD “Mkurnali 2002”, surgeon-proctologist-endoscopist (consultant)

2016–2017 – M. Katsiashvili multi-profile clinic, surgeon-proctologist-endoscopist (consultant)

2007–2017 – Medical center “Junona“, general surgeon-endoscopist

2006–2007 – Medical diagnostic center “Family Doctor”, doctor-surgeon

2005–2007 – International association clinic “Berman”, surgeon-consultant

2003–2006 – Ministry of Defense’s military hospital, junior doctor-surgeon 

2002–2003 – went on a business trip in Saransk

1999–2003 – Gali’s central regional hospital, doctor-surgeon.

In possession of number of certificates

2014-present: G. Mukhadze Society of Surgeons editorial board member and “Surgery Herald” journal’s responsible editor.

2010- Present – member of Georgian association for endoscopists

2008-Present – member of Georgian Association for Minimally Invasive Surgeons

Speaks Georgian, Russian and English languages.