Doctor - Sophiko Gudava

Sophiko Gudava

Doctor- intensivist


Minister of Labour, Health, and Social Affairs of Georgia, state certificate-granting board, state certificate, specialty – anesthesiology

2016Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Continues Professional Development, certificate,  training-program of teachers (trainers)

2014 – Emergency Medical Care Training  Center of Georgia, certificate;

2004-2006Postgraduate education – postgraduate training, Saint-Petersburg I.I Dzhanelidze Research Institute of Emergency Medicine, specialization – anesthesiology-reanimatology;

2005Additional Professional Education of State Educational Institution, Saint-Petersburg Medical Academy, a federal agency of postgraduate education in healthcare and social development, “MAPO” short course in toxicology;

1995-2001 – P. Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy, faculty of medicine.

Work Experience

2013-Present – National Center of Surgery, doctor-anesthesiologist;

2015–2017- Al. Aladashvili Clinic, emergency department, doctor- intensivist

2013–2014 - Elizabeth Blackwell Hospital, emergency medicine department, doctor- intensivist;

2010–2013Ministry of Defence of Georgia, Military Hospital, critical and emergency medicine department, head of the emergency care unit;

2010–2012 - VII Clinical Hospital, doctor anesthesiologist- intensivist;

2009–2011- The Republican Hospital of Penitentiary Establishment N8,doctor anesthesiologist- intensivist;

2007–2009 - Charity Center for Combating Infertility, doctor anesthesiologist- intensivist;  

2006–2007 D. Tatishvili  Center of Laparoscopic Surgery „Nautilus”, doctor anesthesiologist- intensivist;

Participates in congresses and conferences.

Speaks in Georgian, English and Russian languages.