Computed Tomography Of The Lumbar Joint

Computed Tomography Of The Lumbar Joint

Discount promotion on radiological examination PHILIPS VEREOS DIGITAL CT

Many times, people try to mask lower back pain with pills by thinking it is only a cold. In fact, soreness in the lumbar and waist regions may be a sign of an illness.


The National Center of Surgery offers computed tomography of the lumbar joints on a cutting-edge, 128-sided computer tomography as part of the seasonal discount for 150 GEL instead of 230 GEL.

The promotion is valid every Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday!


Philips Vereos CT has the following benefits:

  • High-quality image;
  • The patient’s convenience during the research process;
  • Low radiation exposure;
  • The duration of the study is reduced to the minimum time;
  • A spacious tunnel that doesn't make you feel cramped;
  • No issues with being overweight.


Please call +995 322 02 25 25 or +995 577 119 119 to register in advance if you wish to take advantage of this promotion.
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Wish you health!

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