Diagnostics and treatment of the pathologic processes of the brain – we offer a study of the brain at the level of capillaries.

For 400 GEL, we offer diagnostics and treatment of pathological processes in the brain.

The scanning is carried out using the exclusive, 160 slices Computed Tomography Toshiba Aquilion Lightning SP.

The participant of the promotion will receive a free consultation of a neurologist on the same day.

The rapid function of computed tomography makes it possible to diagnose the ischemic stroke, determine the area of damage and prognosis in the early phase when the routine examinations do not show the lesion.

It is also possible to identify vascular pathologies (an aneurysm, malformation) in angiography mode, blood supply of neoplasms, which is very important for planning surgical intervention and conservative treatment in order to determine the risks.

The study results are issued on the same day!

It is advisable to conduct this study after the doctor’s prescription!

Perfusion computed tomography is successfully used in the following cases:

  • Blood flow disruption during the ischemic stroke;
  • Blood flow disturbances in traumatic brain injuries;
  • Assessment of hemodynamics in brain tumors;
  • Detection of occlusive diseases, chronic stenosis of the intra- and extracranial arteries, hidden ischemic processes in the brain parenchyma due to critical stenosis of the carotid artery;
  • Determination of the exact area for biopsy in brain tumors;
  • Monitoring of a brain tumor after radiation and chemotherapy.

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