Photo session while in the womb - meet your child before birth

Photo session while in the womb - meet your child before birth

Pregnancy is one of the most enjoyable periods in a woman’s life.

During 9 months, parents are looking forward to meeting with the unlimited happiness, the child. What does he/she look like? Every future mother at least once has thought about this.

The clinic of the National Center of Surgery "New Life" offers a unique chance to see your child in the womb. With the help of the newest, premium class ultrasound machine Voluson E 10, it is possible to dedicate a photo session to your baby in the womb, get to know the baby before birth.

Ultramodern ultrasound machine modes (2D, 3D, and 4D) show the image of the fetus in real time. The device is equipped with a highly sensitive and multifunctional doppler. The ultrasound machine Voluson E 10 is the most advanced and sophisticated system in obstetrics.

The ultrasound machine of the clinic “New Life” provides an opportunity to see the fetus facial expression, to find out in what mood the little human is. Images are so real and clear that fetal emotions are visible.

The examination is conducted by the radiologist of the clinic "New Life", doctor of medical sciences Elene Shatirishvili.

In the ultrasound diagnostics room of the clinic “New Life”, you can often see tears of happiness after seeing the image of a child. Join this pleasant process! Give your child the opportunity to see unique pictures of him/her being in the womb after the years.

The clinic “New Life” address: Tbilisi, Digomi Lubliana street №21a

You can contact the Call-center of the clinic “New Life” at 577 05 99 00;

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