128-slice computed tomography


The advantage of a 128-slice computed tomography scan is early disease identification! A multilayer scanner identifies even the smallest growths, revealing pathology and allowing us to view numerous things, including suspected oncological disorders!

 Advantages of Philips Vereos Digital PET/CT :

  • Improved image quality;
  • The patient's convenience throughout the study procedure (in the case of simultaneous examination of two or more systems, the device does not require a break, cooling.)
  • Minimal radiational exposure;
  • Reduced the length of the research to a bare minimum;
  • A wide tunnel that does not provide the impression of a closed space;
  • Obesity is not an issue;
  • The maximum discounted cost of research.


We provide research on any system on this device every day, except  Sundays, at the best available price.


The cost of computed tomography studies is as follows:


Brain CT. Research - 230 GEL

Spine segment CT. Research - 230 GEL

Chest CT. Research - 230 GEL

Abdominal CT. Research - 230 GEL

Small pelvic cavity CT. Research - 230 GEL

CT of one limb. Research - 230 GEL

Middle ear CT. Research - 230 GEL

Facial bones CT. Research - 200 GEL

Paranasal sinuses CT. Research - 200 GEL Orbit CT. Research - 200 GEL

Urinary tract CT. Research – 260 GEL

Whole-body CT. Research - 660 GEL

Pulmonary artery CT. Angiography - 450 GEL

Enterography CT - 470 GEL

Aortography CT (abdominal and chest aorta with dynamic contrast) - 650 GEL

Abdominal aortic CT - 400 GEL

Chest aortic CT - 400 GEL

Peripheral CT. Dynamic contrast angiography (abdominal aorta and CT angiography of the lower extremities) - 500 GEL

Peripheral CT. Dynamic contrast angiography (CT of the upper extremities) - 400 GEL

Cerebral CT.Angiography with dynamic contrast - 400 GEL     

Carotid CT. Angiography with dynamic contrast - 400 GEL


Study of two systems without contrast - 360 GEL, with contrast - 490 GEL

Research of three systems without contrast - 420 GEL, with contrast - 550 GEL


If you want to take advantage of the promotion, please register in advance at 032 202 25 25!

Wish you health!