Computed tomograph – Toshiba Aquilion Lightning SP

Computed tomograph – Toshiba Aquilion Lightning SP

Toshiba Aquilion Lightning SP

National Center of Surgery’s “New Life” clinic is equipped with ultramodern 160-slice computed tomograph. Tomograph Toshiba Aquilion Lightning SP is distinguished with maximal clinical capabilities, fastest scanning function.

What does the 160-slice mean and what function does it have? Compared to 64 and 80 slice computed tomograph, with 160-slice Aquilion Lightning SP, the time needed for scanning significantly decreases. Our clinic's computed tomograph in one rotation comprises more range of the body and hence, compared to predecessor systems considerably faster covers more examination areas. This is very important in cardiac examinations, to examine one cardiac cycle!

It should be noted that fast scanning significantly decreases contrast volume necessary for the examination, also decreases movement artifacts since the conducting speed of the examination is fast to the point where the patient needs to hold the breath for a very short period of time – all of this positively influence the image and diagnostics quality.

When we discuss computed tomography examination, the visualization quality is an extremely important matter. Visualization is one of the functions that distinguish "New Life's" computed tomograph from other models, particularly Lightning SP is equipped with a wide range of KV (kilovolt) and MA (milliampere) that are regulated manually by the operator as well as automatically, in a Sure Exposure regime. This regime automatically individually for a patient selects necessary intensity for the irradiation – thanks to it, the examination becomes frugal, whereas for a patient – it becomes secure.

The clinic’s computed tomograph is equipped with a fourth-generation AIDR 3D reconstruction algorithm that decreases the radiation dose by 75%, processes the image programmatically with a new algorithm, and increases the speed of processing. It’s also important that this algorithm is automatically activated in protocols of all examinations and with this function, the examination becomes easier, fast and high quality and most importantly, it proceeds securely.

 "New Life" clinic's computed tomograph is equipped with the latest PUREVISION detector technology that increases its' sensibility by 40%. With the help of all of those important functions, we get an image of the highest quality.

 “New Life” clinic’s computed tomograph has maximal clinical capabilities and one of them is an iron artifact-removing regime. Toshiba Aquilion Lightning SP removes the iron artifacts in a spiral scanning regime.

With the clinic’s computed tomograph, the early diagnostics, identification, and prevention of numerous anomalies and pathologies are possible.