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The doctors of Konstantine Eristavi National Center of Experimental and Clinical Surgery have been taking care of the health of the population for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their aim is to create a comfortable environment for patients and successfully complete the treatment and recovery processes. Welcome to our hospital, use the experience and qualification of our doctors – let’s take care of your health together! National Center of Experimental and Clinical Surgery is always at your service! We wish you great health!

Shorena Esiashvili

Doctor-radiation therapist

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Irina Jobava

Radiation oncologist, brachytherapist

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Besik Sokurashvili

The head of the Radiotherapy Department

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Romanoz Khomasuridze

Doctor-coordinator at National Center of Surgery’s center of hemophilia

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Tina Muradashvili


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Tea Shubladze


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Nika Kvernadze

Doctor – Neurologist

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Eka Kurdadze

Doctor-toxicologist, doctor of medical sciences

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Zurab Oragvelidze

Orthopedic Surgeon, a head of the Department of Traumatology of the National Center of Surgery.

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Avtandil Ghirdaladze

General surgeon, Doctor of Medicine, professor

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Sopio Puturidze


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