Doctor - Lasha Goginashvili

Lasha Goginashvili

Radiation oncologist, brachytherapist


2014–2018High Technology Medical Center, University Clinic, residency in radiation oncology;

2007-2013Tbilisi State Medical University, faculty of medicine, general medicine.


2017IAEA fellowship “Ratiadion Medicine and health”, Greater Poland Cancer Center, Poznan, Poland, brachytherapy department, direction: LDR, PDR and HDR brachytherapy of prostate, breast, gynecologic, bronchi, esophagus, neck-head and skin;

2015 - IAEA fellowship “RADIOISOTOPE AND RADIATION TREATMENT”, Prague, Czech Republic. Charles University, second faculty of medicine, Motol University Hospital, department of radiotherapy and oncology, direction – HDR brachytherapy of the skin.

Work Experience

National Center of Surgery, radiation oncology, brachytherapy;

2014-Present – High Technology Medical Center, University Clinic, resident in the department of radiation oncology;

 2014- LTD “MEDLIFE”, Catastrophe Center, junior doctor;

2011-2013High Technology Medical Center, University Clinic, EMERGENCY – doctor’s assistant, department of surgery – surgeon’s assistant;

2010–2011Academician G. Chapidze Emergency Cardiology Center,Intensive therapy unit, doctor’s assistant.

State Certificate

2018Radiation Oncology.

Member of Georgian Association of Radiation Oncologists.

Member of Georgian Association of Young Oncologists.

Member of American Brachytherapy Society.

Member of Georgian Urological Association.

Speaks Georgian, English, Russian and German Languages.