Radiotherapy department introduced contemporary principles in the management of oncology to representatives of “Medcapital”

Radiotherapy department introduced contemporary principles in the management of oncology to representatives of “Medcapital”

The Radiotherapy Department of National Center of Surgery permanently hosts representatives of clinics located in Georgia, as well as abroad.

In this news, you will be informed about the following:

The campaign aims to inform colleagues about the powerful and unique Radiotherapy Department of our clinic and contemporary principles in the management of oncology. That’s why the department has hosted various medical companies for the past few months including organizations of the "Aversi” group. Doctors obtain detailed information about diagnostics and treatment methods for oncology patients.

Radiotherapy department

This time the clinic hosted doctors of various fields from the polyclinic chain “Medcapital”. Guests explored the radiotherapy department - U.S Company Varian’s ultramodern, maximally sophisticated, clinically equivalent (twin) latest linear accelerators

Director-General of National Center of Surgery, Lasha Bazadze presented the audience with a photo gallery from private archives.  Through photographs, guests viewed the development of infrastructure, construction of bunkers designed for linear accelerators, visits of abroad working successful oncologists, etc.

Director-General explained to the doctors diagnostic and treatment methods for oncology patients and told them about Tumor Board.

As Mr. Lasha stated, department staff was educated in the leading universities of the U.S and Europe. 

Director-general stated – “Following people participate in treatment tactic and irradiation planning: Professor Natia Esiashvili, head of Quality Unit of Radiation Oncology Department,  Emory University (Atlanta U.S) and Associate Professor Maia Jughashvili-Hernandez, leading specialist at Spain Genesis Care’s Multidisciplinary Institution of Oncology, member of Public Relations Committee of ESTRO International Radiation Oncologists, associate professor of Murcia University.

Especially for this event, radiation oncologist, brachytherapist of the Radiotherapy Department, Lasha Goginashvili presented and overviewed several interesting clinical cases.

 Controlled imaging studies before and after the radiation therapy prove that radiation oncology (radiation therapy) is the most effective and advanced method in cancer management.

News for oncology patients

We would like to remind the readers that now oncology patients can receive brachytherapy at our clinic – one of the forms of radiation therapy.

We are pleased to inform you that National Center of Surgery will soon be equipped with the very first digital positron-emission tomography scanner (PET/CT) in Eastern Europe and the post-soviet union sphere. Each staff member of the Radiotherapy Department is strictly guided by the international guidelines”

It’s worth mentioning that so-called medical tourism is successfully conducted in the Radiotherapy Department. In the clinic, we have not only local patients, but they're coming from other countries as well.

Wish you health!