Radiotherapy department introduced contemporary principles in the management of oncology to representatives of “Aversi Pharma”

Radiotherapy department introduced contemporary principles in the management of oncology to representatives of “Aversi Pharma”

Representatives of pharmaceutical company “Aversi Pharma” visited National Center of Surgery.

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It’s worth mentioning that Radiotherapy Department of National Center of Surgery permanently hosts representatives of clinics located in Georgia, as well as abroad.

Aforesaid campaign aims to inform colleagues about the powerful and unique Radiotherapy Department of our clinic and contemporary principles in the management of oncology.

Within the program, various medical companies have visited the department for the past few months including organizations of the "Aversi” group. Doctors of various fields obtain detailed information about diagnostics and treatment methods for oncology patients.

Chairperson of the supervisory board of National Center of Surgery Tea Gamezardashvili guided guests in exploring the Radiotherapy Department.

Ms. Tea stated – “Department is equipped with U.S Company Varian’s ultramodern, maximally sophisticated, clinically equivalent (twin) latest linear accelerators. Oncologists who were educated in the leading universities of the U.S and Europe care for oncology patients. Each staff member of the Radiotherapy Department is strictly guided by the international guidelines. Georgian, as well as foreigner experts participate in treatment tactic and irradiation planning.It’s worth mentioning that in the department, there are invited experts from Emory and Murcia Universities, as well as Spain Genesis Care’s Multidisciplinary Institution of Oncology.”

As Ms. Tea explained, new services are constantly introduced in the Radiotherapy Department to provide full treatment of oncology diseases, particularly she emphasized brachytherapy.

Brachytherapy, also known as contact radiotherapy, is one of the forms of radiation therapy.

In this procedure source is placed directly in the organ damaged by cancer, i.e., directly inside the cancer or on the surface of cancer, hence it affects the whole mass. In this way, targeted organ is irradiated and other healthy organs or structures are maximally protected.

Ms. Tea stated – “There’s one more important innovation in the department – Clinic will soon be equipped with digital positron-emission tomography scanner (PET/CT), first ever in the Eastern Europe and Post-Soviet Union sphere. Scientist proclaim this study to be a gold standard. In diagnosing cancer, mentioned method generates the most accurate anatomical and functional image of cancer area. It is completely feasible to detect a smallest of cancers using positron-emission tomography. In the Radiotherapy Department of National Center of Surgery, all necessary conditions are met for cancer diagnostics and treatment. The clinic treats Georgian citizens, as well as international patients.”

Radiation oncologists, brachytherapists of the Radiotherapy Department prepared a presentation for guests. Oncologists overviewed several interesting clinical cases.

Controlled imaging studies before and after the radiation therapy clearly depicts how effective is the radiation therapy

In modern oncology, radiation therapy is one of the main methods of treatment. Almost 50% of patients need radiation therapy.

What should you know about Radiotherapy Department?

Radiotherapy department of National Center of Surgery provides individualized, medical evidence-based, high standard radiation therapy for patients using modern technologies.

The goal of each team-member of the Radiotherapy Department is to provide you the treatment course based on your requests and needs in caring atmosphere

Department conducts radiotherapy of all organs and systems, particularly:

  • Central nervous system;
  • Head-neck;
  • Lungs;
  • Chest;
  • Gastrointestinal tract organs;
  • Lymphomas;
  • Bone and soft tissue;
  • Skin;
  • Brain and so on.

Daily treatment procedures are performed with control of IGRT (image-guidance radiotherapy) that ensures high accuracy of the treatment plan accomplishment. Treatment planning for each patient is completed in high quality and in accordance with safety norms.

Since the establishment of the Radiotherapy Department of the clinic, numerous oncology patients have benefited from high quality medical care

Wish you health!