A monthly meeting organized under the guidance of the Young Oncologists Association was held at the „New Life” Clinic of the National Center of Surgery

A monthly meeting guided by the Young Oncologists Association was held at the „New Life” Clinic.

The direct participants and speakers of the event were American experts in radiation therapy from Emory University - professors Peter Johnston, Jay Shelton, and Natia Esiashvili.

At the meeting, the professors focused on the multidisciplinary management of oncological diseases and what impact it has on the outcome of its treatment.

Besik Sokurashvili, who is the head of the radiotherapy department of the National Center of Surgery addressed the guests. Mr. Besik remarked once again that, the National Center of Surgery will always be happy to host such an important event and that, it is beneficial for the clinic radiotherapy department to share the American experience.

At the event, Mr. Peter Johnston made a presentation on radiotherapy treatment of urogenital oncological diseases, Mr. Jay Shelton told us about the radiotherapy treatment of oncogenic diseases, and Mrs. Natia Esiashvili's topic was radiotherapy treatment of lymphomas. Interesting clinical cases of the Young Oncologists Association were also discussed at the meeting.

The next day, Emory University professors visited the department of radiotherapy at the National Center of Surgery and provided free consultations to oncology patients.

The National Center of Surgery is a multi-profile clinic with a rich tradition, where diagnosis and treatment are carried out with the latest technologies and modern standards.

There is a news in the clinic - the radiotherapy department, staffed with professional staff equipped with ultra-modern equipment, starts functioning, which offers evidence-based, high-standard radiotherapy treatment using modern technologies.

Tactics and radiation treatment plan for each patient will be developed by Georgian experts working abroad, Head of the Department of Radiation Oncology, Emory University, Atlanta-USA, Professor Natia Esiashvili and a leading specialist at the Multidisciplinary Oncology Institute of Genesis Care in Spain, by Maia Jughashvili, Associate Professor at the University of Murcia, member of the ESTRO International Radiotherapy Public Relations Committee.

Radiotherapy will be performed with a Varian TrueBeam beam accelerator. Patients will be scheduled for a CT scan of the Toshiba Aquilion Large Bore CT as well as a Philips Vereos PET / CT scanner.

Georgian citizens often travel abroad, where treatment of oncological diseases is quite expensive. This project of the National Center of Surgery will allow citizens to be treated in Georgia and spend two or three times less for all the modern methods available in oncology, due to which they had to travel abroad. Our goal for patients is to receive full oncology services in their homeland. Address of the National Center of Surgery is Tbilisi, Digomi, Chachava N7;

You can contact the National Center of Surgery with the help of the call center at 577 11 91 19 or 2 02 25 25;

Wish you health!