Children diseased with hemophilia will vacation in the summer rehabilitation camp

Children diseased with hemophilia will vacation in the summer rehabilitation camp

Traditionally, summer rehabilitation camp will be arranged for children diseased with hemophilia this year too.

On June 25, 12 people diseased with hemophilia, including the majority of children, will leave for 10 days in the summer rehabilitation camp in Tskaltubo resort, organized by the National Center of Surgery and the Association of Hemophilia and Donoring, also in a framework of Lithuanian Hemophilia Association and World Federation of Hemophilia twinning program .

As the president of the Georgian Association of Hemophilia and Donoring, National Center of Surgery’s coordinator of the Hemophilia Center, Romanoz Khomasuridze stated in an interview with us, a physiotherapist, psychologist and a representative of Lithuanian Hemophilia Society will come from Lithuania.

Mr. Khomasuridze states - "Invited guests will hold the training for children. Similar rehabilitation camps are very important for children with hemophilia, as they learn to live independently, care for their own health and have fun and relax at the same time.  In camp, medical staff will teach young people transfusion of anti-hemophilic factor-concentrates. Each minute spent in a rehabilitation camp has a positive impact on children's physical, as well as mental health – they make friends, engage in an active way of life, with excursions they are introduced to a variety of tourist attractions, participate in entertaining programs, they learn more about the disease and how to use anti-hemophilic factor-concentrates, it becomes easier to integrate in a society and etc. "

We would like to remind you that hemophilia is a congenital and so far incurable severe blood disease that requires life-long treatment, periodically transferring anti-hemophilic factor-concentrates.

Factor-concentrate is a blood-thinner medication that is necessary for a person’s life diseased with hemophilia. Patients with this disease have a blood clotting disorder and are prone to bleeding.

More than 390 people are registered with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders in Georgia. The National Center of Surgery provides medical services for people diseased with hemophilia.

Since National Center of Surgery has been granted the right to implement the hemophilic program, the quality of beneficiaries’ treatment and subsequently, the quality of life has significantly increased.  If there’s a necessity, doctors of every profile care for their health.

This fact is always noted with gratitude by people diseased with hemophilia.

National Center of Surgery address: Tbilisi, Dighomi, Chachava N5.

You may contact National Center of Surgery’s call center at 577 119 119 or 2 02 25 25!

Wish you health!