The World Hemophilia Day was celebrated at the National Center of Surgery

The World Hemophilia Day was celebrated at the National Center of Surgery

The National Center of Surgery joins the World Federation of Hemophilia and World Health Organization and celebrates this important date with interesting events.

This important date was celebrated at the clinic of the National Center of Surgery “New Life.

The conference about this day was held. The presentation was led by President of the Association of Hemophilia and Donor Association and Coordinator of the Hemophilia Center of the National Center of Surgery Romanoz Khomasuridze

Mr. Romanoz presented a presentation on the topic – “Hemophilia yesterday and today in Georgia”.

The presentation “modern ways of hemophilia treatment” was presented by the head of hemophilia and thrombosis center, hematologist Levan Makhaldiani.

The representatives of the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs Social Service Agency, alongside with other invited guests, attended the conference


After the conference, the National Center of Surgery and Hemophilia and Donor Association organized a tour in Tbilisi for children suffering from hemophilia. After the tour, the guests proceeded to the children's entertainment center. The event culminated with a dinner. The memorable shirts decorated with the Hemophilia World Day logo were given to children.

Since the National Center of Surgery has been granted the right to implement the hemophilic program, the quality of the treatment and life of the beneficiaries has increased tremendously. If necessary, the physicians from all fields of medicine care about the health of patients. Because of this fact, people suffering from hemophilia are very grateful.

Hemophilia is a serious congenital and incurable disease of the blood that requires lifelong treatment, periodical transfusion of antihemophilic factor concentrate.

Factor concentrate is a blood clotting preparation that is necessary for life for a person suffering from hemophilia. Patients with this disease have a blood clotting disorder and are prone to bleeding. Severe, moderate and mild forms of the disease are distinguished. Hemophilia is often characterized by hemorrhagic type bleeding, but the bleeding can occur in any part of the body, strong, massive and painful bruises and bleeding in - joints, muscles and other organs.

More than 380 people are registered with hemophilia and other bleeding diseases in Georgia.

The National Center of Surgery provides medical services to people with hemophilia.

National Center of Surgery is a multi-field clinic, where new technologies and modern standards are used in diagnosis and treatment of patients.

National Center of Surgery address – Tbilisi, Digomi Chachava street N5.
You can contact the Call-center of the National Center of Surgery at 577 11 91 19 or 2 02 25 25;


Wish you health!