Founder and directorate of National Center of Surgery’s visit to Belgium

Founder and directorate of National Center of Surgery’s visit to Belgium

The founder and directorate of National Center of Surgery visited Belgium for a working visit.

“Aversi’s” founder Paata Kurtanidze, National Center of Surgery’s director-general Lasha Bazadze, chairperson of the supervisory board Tea Gamezardashvili and head of the radiotherapy department Besik Sokurashvili visited Leuven University Research Clinic with an official invitation from American company “Varian”.

As you know National Center of Surgery is equipped with American company Varian’s ultramodern and maximally sophisticated, clinically equivalent (twin) latest linear accelerators and within the visit mentioned company presented to the  representatives of the clinic one more ultramodern apparatus Halcyon allotted for radiation therapy, with the help of which radiation oncologists can fight oncologic diseases faster and with higher quality.

As National Center of Surgery’s head of the radiotherapy department Besik Sokurashvili stated in an interview with us, the visit was very productive. According to him, the meeting proved one more time that the department is developing in the right way. 

Both parties had an opportunity to share knowledge and experience with each other.

We would like to remind readers that National Center of Surgery’s radiotherapy department ensures the patient-individualized, medical evidence-based, high standard radiation therapy performance using modern technologies.

Radiation therapy impacts cancer locally to destroy cancer cells. It’s appointed to a patient in the radical (in order to be cured), neoadjuvant (for pre-operative preparation), adjuvant (as an assisting therapy in post-operative period) and palliative (for reducing the symptomatic caused by cancer and improving quality of life) regimes

Each personnel of National Center of Surgery's radiotherapy department is strictly guided by the international guidelines.

So-called medical tourism is successfully conducted in the radiotherapy department.  For oncologic disease treatment, the clinic is visited not only by the Georgian citizens but also by foreign guests.

Professor Natia Esiashvili, Emory University’s head of the quality unit of the radiation oncology department and associate professor Maia Jughashvili – Hernandez, leading specialist at Spain Genesis Care’s multidisciplinary institution of oncology, member of public relations committee of ESTRO’s international radiation oncologists, associate professor of Murcia University, participate in treatment tactic and irradiation planning.

It should be noted that radiation therapy in modern oncology is one of the main treatment methods that is necessary to use for min. 50% of the diseased people on different stages of the battle against cancer.

Since the establishment of the radiotherapy department in National Center of Surgery, many patients have utilized high-quality medical assistance using qualified medical staff and ultramodern technologies.

Wish you health!