Doctor - Tamaz Jaoshvili

Tamaz Jaoshvili



2009-2013. –Tbilisi State Medical University, Faculty of Medicine;

From 2020 to the present– Davit Agmashenebeli State University of Georgia, Ph.D.;

2013 –Subspecialty, general radiology (X-ray, ultrasound);

2018 –Subspecialty, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging.

Work Experience

From 2020 to the present – "Named after Konstantine Eristavi National Center of Experimental and Clinical Surgery” Doctor-radiologist (computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging);

2011-2018.– „Aversi Pharma” Regional Medical Representative;

2009-2011. –Medical representative of „Aversi Clinic".

Courses and Training (additionally)

From 2020 to the present– Member of the European Association of Radiologists;

From 2020 to the present –Member of the North American Association of Radiologists;

2018– Georgia, Tbilisi - International Conference of Radiologists „From skull up to the ankles”;

1999-2003. – 4-way winner of the Chemistry Republican Olympiad (first-degree diplomas);

1999-2003. –Winner of 4 times Soros Chemistry Olympiad (first-degree diploma);

2000  – Participant of the World Chemistry Olympiad, on behalf of Georgia (Almaty, Kazakhstan).

  • Also, he has taken several online courses on the official websites of the European Association of Radiologists, which was organized by the same association. They have been awarded European Higher Postgraduate Education Scores (Certificate);

Advanced training courses, organized by the Australian and New Zealand Radiologists Association, who are also awarded International Higher Postgraduate Education Scores.