Doctor - Tatuli Gubeladze

Tatuli Gubeladze

Head of the Department of Neurology


1997-2003  – Tbilisi State Medical University, faculty of medicine;

2005-2007  –  P.L. Shupik National Medical Academy of postgraduate education in Ukraine;

2007  –  P.L. Shupik National Medical Academy of postgraduate education, Internship - current problems of modern neurology;

2007-2008 – P.L. Shupik National Medical Academy of postgraduate education, Internship  – modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases;

2008-2012 – P.L. postgraduate study at the National Medical Academy of postgraduate education of Ukraine named after Shupik.

Work experience

From 2012 to present– Neurologist for National Center of Surgery;

2011-2012.  – Referral Hospital neurologist.


2011, Kiev – „Critical conditions, emergency medical care and prevention";

2011, Kiev– „Current issues of polyclinic neurology”;

2011, Kiev – „Pain syndrome in the doctor's practice: diagnosis, treatment, prevention";

2011, Kiev– „ Algorithm for the treatment of chronic cerebral ischemia”;

2011, Kiev–  „Optimization therapy with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in neurology, balance of effectiveness and safety ";

2011, Kiev –  „Human and medicines";

2010, Kiev – „Rehabilitation, medical and social issues in neurology, psychiatry and addiction ”;

2010, Kiev– „Stroke and vascular diseases ";

2009, Kiev –  „Extrapyramidal disease and age ";

2009, Kiev– „Current issues of neurology, psychiatry and narcology ";

2009, Kiev –  „Stroke Academy";

2009, Kiev –  „II International congress on infectious chemotherapy;

2008, Kiev –  „Clinic and laboratory studies ";

2008, Kiev–  „Manager Syndrome, asthenia and chronic stress, diagnosis and therapy ”;

2008, Kiev –  „Cognitive functioning during aging";

2007, Kiev–  „Cognitive disorders in old age";

2007, Kiev–  „Modern approaches to the complex treatment of metabolic syndrome";

2007, Kiev–  „Deep cognitive disorders";

2007, Kiev– „Parkinson's disease, peculiarities of differential diagnosis, modern standards of treatment";

2006, Kiev – „Depressive conditions in the practice of a somatic doctor";

2006, Kiev–  „Dizziness, diagnosis, treatment and optimization of treatment methods;

2006, Kiev–  „Important aspects of emergency medicine";

2006, Kiev–  „Current issues of epilepsy";

2006, Kiev –  „Thrombosis in clinical practice, prevention, diagnosis, treatment;

2006, Kiev–  „Active problems of cognitive dysfunction in the elderly."