Diagnostics and treatment of aneurysm of any grade and site at National Center of Surgery

Diagnostics and treatment of aneurysm of any grade and site at National Center of Surgery

The unconscious patient was admitted to National Center of Surgery.

The patient presented with hemodynamic instability, acute hemorrhagic shock. An abdominal computed tomography angiography was conducted. Ruptured aneurysm of the infrarenal segment of the abdominal aorta was identified based on studies. Head computed tomography showed acute ischemia. Considering the general health condition of the patient and the severity of the disease, open surgery for aortic aneurysm prosthesis was connected to intraoperative high lethal risks. Given the condition, the only solution was selected – stent-graft implantation in the infrarenal segment of the aorta, subsequently, due to aortic aneurysms with complex anatomy, 4-component stent-graft was implanted on an emergency basis, with the good angiographic outcome. 

The operation was performed by Giorgi Jinchveladze and Giorgi Kenchadze, angiosurgeons of our clinic’s Endovascular Department. They have work experience of more than 10 years and are new members of the clinic’s Endovascular Department. 

The operation was performed using biplane angiograph Trinias B12. The hybrid operating room of National Center of Surgery is equipped with this ultramodern device. The fact that the clinic has a constant stent-grafts supply, indeed, played an important role and such permanent supply is achieved through close cooperation with manufacturing companies. It was possible to select appropriate stent-grafts and perform the operation in the shortest period, because of the availability of supplies at the clinic.

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