National Center of Surgery celebrates its 72nd anniversary – what were the events planned for this celebration?

National Center of Surgery celebrates its 72nd anniversary – what were the events planned for this celebration?

The National Center of Surgery is a constellation of progressive management, the latest medical equipment and, most importantly, a team of professional medical personnel.

The National Center of Surgery has been taking care of your health since 1946. According to the long period and experience, the clinic is one of the main innovators and, in some cases, the founder of medical services.

In recent years, multimillion Georgian investments have been made in the center. The clinic has acquired state-of-the-art medical equipment that has no analogs in the region.

The National Center of Surgery celebrated its 72nd anniversary since the foundation of the clinic and 129th anniversary since the birth of Academician Konstantine Eristavi with many interesting events.

The staff of the clinic of the National Center of Surgery "New Life" took part in the event.

Lopota Lake Resort hosted the event. Lopota Valley and its enchanting environment is an ideal place for those looking for a comfortable rest and adventures. That is why the event organizers decided to celebrate such an important date in a pleasant atmosphere.

As a part of the event, “Lopota Spa Resort” also held the fourth scientific conference on the topic: " The role of innovation and technology development in modern medical practice."

At the conference, the topics were presented by the doctors of the National Center of Surgery and its clinic "New Life".

The conference was chaired by Paata Kurtanidze, founder of the “Aversi” company, co-chaired by Lasha Bazadze, general director of the National Center of Surgery, chairman of the supervisory board Tea Gamezardashvili, and clinical director of the National Center of Surgery Nikoloz Chaduneli.

After the welcoming speech of the chairman and the co-chairs, the conference was officially opened.

At the event, the guests had a chance to listen to the interesting topics. A monetary reward and a trip abroad were awarded to the best presenters. The winners were determined in the evening, at a festive dinner.

The topics of the presenters were devoted to current topics in the field of medicine, including oncology and stroke. The doctors discussed a number of difficult cases, which underlined the importance of the multi-field clinic, the professional team of medical personnel, the state-of-the-art and exclusive technologies in the region, the modern standards of treatment - these are the services, which help us manage the patient at the National Center of Surgery.

The speakers and their topics presented at the event:

  • „ Clinical trials - human guinea pig or the only way to survive “– Levan Makhaldiani;
  • „Modern and future technologies of arrhythmia treatment “– Khatuna Berinashvili;
  • „Bariatric Surgery (Sleeve gastrectomy and" gastric bypass ") in National Center of Surgery“  –  Gigo Pichkhaia;
  • ,,Athlete’s heart’’–  Nana Nikolaishvili;
  • „CT in evaluation and management of uncommon cause of abdominal pain “–  Erekle Gigiadze;
  • „Whole-body MRI screening for prevention and oncologic patients “– Ana Samxaradze;
  • „Surgery of the Hallux Valgus: Analysis of successful experience of perennial management“– Irakli Pheradze;
  • „HIV Associated Hemoblastosis (Case reports) “- Nino Chkhaidze;
  • „Lead poisoning problem in Georgia “-  Eka Kurdadze;
  • „Role of radiotherapy in the treatment of cancer patients and its results“ - Lasha Goginashvili;
  • „Endoscopic polypectomy of bleeding polyp“- Irakli Paichadze;
  • „Down syndrome -   associated diseases and pulmonary hypertension. (Clinical case)“  – Irma Gelashvili;
  •  „PET/CT-as a modern standard for radiotherapy treatment planning “ – Shorena Esiashvili;
  • „Modern medical management of acute ischemic stroke “– Natia Zarqua;
  • „Role of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced, inoperable bladder cancer“-  Nata Murusidze;
  • „Epilepsy and Modern Approaches to Treatment“– Tea Shubladze;
  • „Pathology and Molecular genetic” – Nino Khvichia;
  • „The modern aspects intensive care and monitoring of intracranial pressure in endoscopic neurosurgical postoperative patients“–  Teona Janiashvili;
  • „General Principles of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery” - Manana Gogol;
  • „Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM)“ – Zura Akhalaia;
  • "Stroke Unit - Review of Clinical Case" – Nika Kvernadze;
  • „Thrombectomy“- Giorgi Egutidze;        

All conference participants received a brochure about the National Center of Surgery and its clinic "New Life" as a gift. Readers of the brochure will learn about the past and the present of the clinic, all the services, which are used by patients, information about the departments, employees, ultra-modern equipment, etc.

After the conference, the guests moved to the restaurant for a gala dinner.

The host of the evening was actor David Darchia. The event was musically led by the theater quartet. The dinner was led by the clinical director of the clinic, Nikoloz Chaduneli.

During the gala dinner, as a part of the award ceremony, all participants of the fourth scientific conference were awarded diplomas. In addition, the winners have been chosen.

Monetary awards were given to:

  • Levan Makhaldiani, the head of the Center of Hemophilia and Thrombosis;
  • Lasha Goginashvili, radiation oncologist, brachytherapist;
  • Irakli Paichadze, surgeon-endoscopist.

A trip abroad was awarded to:

  • Giorgi Egutidze, the head of the neurosurgery department;
  • Irakli Pheradze, the head of the Department of Vascular, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

The guests saw the movie-clip about the free medical consultation days.

We would like to remind you that the doctors of the clinic regularly visit the regions and offer free medical examinations to local residents. The opinion of the doctors of the National Center for Surgery is very important for the timely diagnosis and proper treatment of patients. Important advantages are the medications that are distributed free of charge among the people participating in the promotion. Drugs worth between 3,000 to 5,000 GEL are distributed absolutely free. During each promotion, thanks to the kind will of Mr. Paata Kurtanidze, “Aversi Pharma” gives us free medications. It should be noted that in the regions, more than 10,000 patients benefited from the free medical examination. As patients noted in the video clip, such charity events and the support of the National Center of Surgery plays a very important role for them.

The event once again proved that the doctors are very talented people – the evening was full of dance and vocal performances, which were presented by the personnel of the clinic. Also, all the guests had to write an improvised poem about the fall, the clinic, and the Lopota Spa Resort. The guests gladly took initiative and showed their creative abilities.

The event was crowned with a grand firework.

The event was covered by the TV channel PulsiTV.

We wish you health!