Vitamin D – get a treatment with sunrays

Vitamin D – get a treatment with sunrays

Vitamin D is also called a sunray vitamin.

It’s very beneficial for the growth-development of bone and teeth, immunity, positively affects the mood and helps with calcium absorption.

Vitamin D deficit causes a series of health problems.

Following symptoms characterize vitamin D deficit:

  • Fatigue;
  • Acute pain of bone and muscles;
  • Energy deterioration to the point where a person has trouble conducting daily activities.  
  • Immune system weakening;
  • Mood changes;
  • Hair loss and etc.

National Center of Surgery’s endocrinologist Sofio Futuridze discusses the topic.

Ms. Futuridze, vitamin D in the form of the pill is sold at the pharmacy. How recommended is it to arbitrarily consume them?

 Vitamin D pill arbitrary consumption without a doctor's recommendation is inadmissible! If the complaints mentioned in the article are familiar to you, it’s better to visit National Center of Surgery, take a special test in our clinic’s laboratory that determines the level of vitamin D in your blood. In accordance with the result of this exact analysis, the endocrinologist will prescribe an adequate dose of this vitamin.

– As you’ve stated, sunrays are a direct and natural source of vitamin D absorption. Is it possible to absorb this beneficial vitamin through nutrition?   

  Yes, nutrition is also important. Salmon, egg yolk, milk, cereals, yogurt, and orange have this vitamin. Keep in mind that this nutrition is useful, but vitamin D is formed in the skin and it remains in the blood two times longer when a person enjoys the sunrays.

Who should take a vitamin D test?

Vitamin D test is recommended for all people and especially for people in high risk-groups, for example:

  • Patients with osteoporosis;
  • People with malabsorption syndrome (condition when a person’s ability to absorb substances from the nutrition is disturbed in the small intestine).  
  • Overweight people;
  • People with a disorder of vitamin D metabolism, for example, chronic kidney disease.  

What do you advise to the reader?

It’s necessary for a reader to properly perceive the advice! Unlike spring, the sun is burning during summer. Subsequently, it’s inadmissible to be under the sun for a long time at noon during the hot day of the summer! Take a walk in the fresh air; let your body absorb the important vitamin. It's one of the simple ways of maintaining health, beauty, and longevity. 

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Wish you health!