We offer you the Computed Tomography scanning with a contrast of the urinary system for 340 GEL instead of 410GEL!

The National Center of Surgery offers you the CT scanning with the contrast of the urinary system using ultra-moderns, multi-slice CT scanner Toshiba aquilion RXL, which is a leader in its class.

Within the framework of the promotion, the cost of the imaging is 340 GEL instead of 410GEL!

The offer is valid every Friday and Saturday!

The CT scanner is a very important machine for timely diagnosis and prevention of the diseases.

The most important factor in CT system is the high quality of the image. That is why “Toshiba” has developed number of innovative technologies and implemented them in “Aquilion RXL” system.

This study plays an important role in excluding or confirming oncological pathologies.

On this computed tomography, with important functions, we carry out the scanning!

Please make an appointment in advance! Call us at 577 119 119 or 2 02 25 25 and use our promotions!