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Qauestion:: As a result of ocular demodicosis treatment (Blefarogel 2), hyperplasia of the eyelash follicles occurred. As a stratum mass of the occluded area. No changes in one year. Is there any solution? Eyelashes grow in different directions.

0,2-0,5 mm parasite demodex is the cause of demodicosis, which is 0,2-0,5 mm in size. Treatment might last from 4-6 weeks up to a year depending on the form and stage of disease.
In your case, additional treatment is required to restore damaged areas, clear sebaceous gland contents, also reduce the risks of infection reoccurrence.
It’s necessary to consider numerous nuances, for example dry eye syndrome, to choose a proper course of treatment.
You may visit our clinic to consult with an ophthalmologist, where after an objective assessment of the condition, you will undergo a approved method of treatment,

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