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Frequently Asked Questions

Arrhythmia - Cardiology

Qauestion:: Hello, I’m 16 years old and it’s been a month since the onset of following symptoms: a rapid heartbeat, I feel it in my hands, legs, back, as well as in my gastric cardia and I also feel the pulsation in the abdomen after I eat. What can be the cause of these?

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Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm - Angiology

Qauestion:: Please tell me if the operation is now possible for a citizen of Azerbaijan. Abdominal aneurysm. What's the price?

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Acidic saliva (GERD) - Gastroenterology

Qauestion:: Hello, please help me, I’m an emigrant and I can’t see a doctor here. I have excessive acidic saliva in my mouth for a few days now. It’s not heartburn. I have an unpleasant feeling in the abdominal area, my gallbladder was removed. Could you prescribe some type of medication, please.

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Alzheimer’s disease - Neurology

Qauestion:: Hello, my mother (83 years old) has Alzheimer’s disease for 7 years now and her condition worsens as years go by. She has suffered from insomnia for the past week and spends nights wandering around endlessly. Please, could you recommend a medication she can take before sleep to help her somehow. Thanks in advance for your help

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Low hemoglobin count - Hematology

Qauestion:: My father is 72 years old and has a hemoglobin level – 63, I’m interested in how low and dangerous is this level?

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Splenomegaly - Hematology

Qauestion:: Hello, as a result of the strike, my left side i.e spleen started to hurt several months ago. It can be identified through contact and it hurts. Then the pain was relieved but started to hurt again a few days ago. Spleen is enlarged. What can be the cause of it? It started to hurt again after I caught a cold. It could be examined through contact. How can the spleen return to its normal size and what can I take?

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