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Alzheimer’s disease- Neurology

Qauestion:: Hello, my mother (83 years old) has Alzheimer’s disease for 7 years now and her condition worsens as years go by. She has suffered from insomnia for the past week and spends nights wandering around endlessly. Please, could you recommend a medication she can take before sleep to help her somehow. Thanks in advance for your help

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Hemicrania continua- Neurology

Qauestion:: I’m 74 years old. I’ve suffered from migraine headache since my youth. In menopause, I've experienced many severe difficulties and that’s why it hasn’t alleviated and I’m still suffering from it. I take sleeping pills –donormyl. It helps me to sleep, but I still have a headache in the morning. It alleviates when I take citramon + caffeine. Generally, I need a lot of sleep. I was a very active scientist and lecturer. I still have lectures. How to alleviate headaches?

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Hydrocephalus- Neurology

Qauestion:: Hello, I want to know how threatening is hydrocephalus for 19 years old girl and is it enough to treat it with medication and needles

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Parkinson’s- Neurology

Qauestion:: Symptoms and treatment of Parkinson’s

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Numbness in upper and lower extremities- Neurology

Qauestion:: I feel numbness in upper and lower extremities and as a result, I experience onset of chest pain. Also, this condition lasts day and night. I’m interested in causes of it.

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Tinnitus (noise and ringing in the ears)- Neurology

Qauestion:: Hello, I have noise and ringing in my ears for 3 months. What can be cause of it and how can I treat it. Thank you in advance.

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