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Qauestion:: I feel numbness in upper and lower extremities and as a result, I experience onset of chest pain. Also, this condition lasts day and night. I’m interested in causes of it.


  • Concurrent numbness in all four extremities is one of the common symptom..
  • It might have co-morbidities, such as:
  • Pain;
  • Itchiness;
  • Loss of sensation;
  • Muscle weakness.

If numbness elevates during motion, it might be a result of nerve damage that can be caused by:

  • Trauma;
  • Recurrent micro-trauma;
  • Bacterial infection;
  • Viral infection;
  • Toxic factors;
  • Diabetes and so on.

Such nerve damage is called peripheral neuropathy. Name indicates that nerve is damaged outside of brain and spinal cord and that the damage is directly inside the extremities.
There’s no specific treatment in case of peripheral neuropathy caused by congenital diseases, but in case of acquired causes, the treatment to improve condition is based on underlying causes. You may visit our clinic and consult with neurologist and angiologist free of charge, who will run necessary examinations and select an appropriate course of treatment.
You can consult with a neurologist free of charge on Friday, whereas, with angiologist - on Monday and Tuesday. It’s required to make an appointment in advance at 577 119 119 or 2 02 25 25.

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