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Qauestion:: I’m 74 years old. I’ve suffered from migraine headache since my youth. In menopause, I've experienced many severe difficulties and that’s why it hasn’t alleviated and I’m still suffering from it. I take sleeping pills –donormyl. It helps me to sleep, but I still have a headache in the morning. It alleviates when I take citramon + caffeine. Generally, I need a lot of sleep. I was a very active scientist and lecturer. I still have lectures. How to alleviate headaches?


In our answer to your question, you will be informed about the following:

  • What is migraine headache;
  • How long does one attack last;
  • What substances play an important role in the development of migraine headache;
  • Precipitating factors of migraine headache;
  • Diagnosing hemicrania continua in National Center of Surgery.

Migraine headache i.e. hemicrania continua is a common neurological disease characterized by severe, sudden attacks and recurrent headaches. Severe pain can last 4-72 hours.

In migraine headache vascular instability occurs in the brain. During the attack, blood vessels initially narrow and then significantly expand and platelet adhesion increases. Serotonin plays an important role. Its’ level initially increases and then significantly decreases.

A migraine headache can be precipitated by external, as well as internal factors. For example:

  • Food and drinks (chocolate, cocoa, coffee, beer, cheese, sour cream, hot sauces);
  • Starvation and hypoglycemia (blood sugar level decreases when starving, it causes cerebral blood vessels to expand and that can onset migraine headache);
  • Environmental conditions (heat, cold, bright lights);

A neurological examination is necessary to determine the cause.
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Examination will enable us to order the individual course of treatment. It’s recommended to avoid self-treatment.

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