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Qauestion:: Hello, I want to know how threatening is hydrocephalus for 19 years old girl and is it enough to treat it with medication and needles


Hydrocephalus is a pathological condition in which cerebrospinal fluids (liquor) builds up within the skull. Hydrocephalus can be acquired or congenital. In hydrocephalus, ventricles widen and cerebral substance thins. In accordance with grade and form of hydrocephalus, it’s treated with medication and/or surgery (bypass).

If a patient has mild hydrocephalus, in this case, medication treatment and periodic control of a doctor are enough for positive dynamics. The outcome of treatment is either full recovery or stabilized condition. 

Follow recommendations of doctor in-charge, whereas, if you would like to heart opinion of our clinic’s highly qualified doctor, you can visit and consult with a neurologist, who will prescribe a respective treatment after the objective assessment of condition.

If you decide to visit, it’s recommended to bring the results of the conducted studies.

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