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Qauestion:: Hello, as a result of the strike, my left side i.e spleen started to hurt several months ago. It can be identified through contact and it hurts. Then the pain was relieved but started to hurt again a few days ago. Spleen is enlarged. What can be the cause of it? It started to hurt again after I caught a cold. It could be examined through contact. How can the spleen return to its normal size and what can I take?

In our answer to your question, you will be informed about the following:

  • What is splenomegaly;
  • What role does the spleen have;
  • Diagnostic methods of splenomegaly.

Generally, splenomegaly, also enlargement of spleen, is mostly secondary. The primary injury of the spleen is rare.

Multiple pathologies can cause an enlarged spleen.

Spleen plays a role in the body's recycling and renewal process. In its' red pulp, erythrocyte quality is controlled, damaged erythrocytes are removed from blood flow and dismantled.

Following is conducted to confirm the diagnosis:

  • Complete blood count (determines the level of erythrocytes, leucocytes, and platelets);
  • Ultrasound or computed tomography (determines the spleen size and its’ distance from other organs);
  • Magnetic-resonance tomography (determines blood flow in spleen).
  • Liver function test and biopsy;
  • Spleen biopsy (albeit, it’s rarely conducted due to high risk of bleeding).

In splenomegaly caused by a bacterial infection, antimicrobial therapy is conducted. If the enlarged spleen isn’t accompanied by the other symptoms and it's not feasible to determine the cause, the doctor will suggest monitoring the dynamics. It’s impossible to diagnose and establish the cause of enlarged spleen based on correspondence, albeit, we'd like to warn you that the issue cannot be neglected. 

It’s necessary for a doctor-hematologist to examine you because the enlarged spleen is frequently related to blood diseases.

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