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Frequently Asked Questions

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

20 July 2019

Qauestion:: Hello, I have following alterations in my blood analysis: Leukocytes WBC 9.61 norm 4.00 9.00, hemoglobin HGB15.2(12,2-14,7), monocytes mono#0,62(0,08-0,11), eosinophils eo%0,8(1,0-5,0) , ESR 28. What problem does this medical data indicate? Other indicators are in norm.

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Frequent urination

25 June 2019

Qauestion:: Hello, I have a 12 years old child who urinates more frequently in the evening and at dawn and strains a bit to do so. There is no alteration in analysis. What do you advise us?

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Numbness in upper and lower extremities

10 June 2019

Qauestion:: I feel numbness in upper and lower extremities and as a result, I experience onset of chest pain. Also, this condition lasts day and night. I’m interested in causes of it.

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Tinnitus (noise and ringing in the ears)

08 May 2019

Qauestion:: Hello, I have noise and ringing in my ears for 3 months. What can be cause of it and how can I treat it. Thank you in advance.

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30 April 2019

Qauestion:: As a result of ocular demodicosis treatment (Blefarogel 2), hyperplasia of the eyelash follicles occurred. As a stratum mass of the occluded area. No changes in one year. Is there any solution? Eyelashes grow in different directions.

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03 April 2019

Qauestion:: Hello, doctor, I have a stomach problem, I swallowed a tube and was diagnosed with hiatal hernia I suffer from. I have severe heartburn, severe chest pain, random belching, trouble swallowing, even if I chew thoroughly, I still have trouble swallowing, nausea and bowel movement problems. I really would like to put an end to these problems that bother me a lot either with treatment or operation. Thank you in advance for your attention.

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