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Frequently Asked Questions

Food’s journey through - Advices

Qauestion:: Hello, when I drink water or eat food, it frequently gets into the airway, what can be the cause of it? Could you tell me how to perform first aid procedure myself?

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Hemicrania continua - Neurology

Qauestion:: I’m 74 years old. I’ve suffered from migraine headache since my youth. In menopause, I've experienced many severe difficulties and that’s why it hasn’t alleviated and I’m still suffering from it. I take sleeping pills –donormyl. It helps me to sleep, but I still have a headache in the morning. It alleviates when I take citramon + caffeine. Generally, I need a lot of sleep. I was a very active scientist and lecturer. I still have lectures. How to alleviate headaches?

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Liver hemangioma, dyspepsia - Surgery

Qauestion:: Greetings, please, answer what does the ultrasound findings mean – diffuse hepatic changes. With periportal fibrosis. Liver hemangioma. Dyspeptic cholecystitis

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Kidney cyst - Urology

Qauestion:: Right kidney with 112-69 in size, the middle third has lateral anechoic cystic clumps with transparent content 80, 1-70, 3 mm in size. Pelvicalyceal system isn’t dilated. This is the result of ultrasound imaging. I’m a 64 years old woman, the cyst has been growing in size in the last 3-4 years, don't have any complaints. Creatinine is in the norm. Please, answer, how dangerous is it and if I need surgical intervention. Thank you in advance.

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Toe pain - Traumatology

Qauestion:: I have pain in the right long toe/following the big toe/ already for two months. I’m already limping. Initially, I had a pain in pads of feet, then in the toe as well. Toe is a bit swollen. It burns and aches as if I was doused with hot water. If you can’t help, who should I contact. Is it dangerous?

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Chronic prostatitis - Urology

Qauestion:: My spouse has chronic prostatitis, underwent prostate exam, respective treatment, but in case of cold, the onset of gland inflammation occurs, followed by an enlarged prostate, frequent urination. What can he take even as a preventive measure. Respectfully.

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