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Frequently Asked Questions

coronarography - Cardiology

Qauestion:: My husband had a heart attack in May 2019 as per documents hereto attached and we are now looking for further treatment (either putting another stent or coronary artery bypass surgery (shunting), can you please advise the best focal point to contact to discuss method of treatment – either surgery or putting stent? I am sorry, the case history is in Russian and can be translated upon request. Thank you for your time!

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Parkinson’s - Neurology

Qauestion:: Symptoms and treatment of Parkinson’s

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Complete Blood Count (CBC) - Advices

Qauestion:: Hello, I have following alterations in my blood analysis: Leukocytes WBC 9.61 norm 4.00 9.00, hemoglobin HGB15.2(12,2-14,7), monocytes mono#0,62(0,08-0,11), eosinophils eo%0,8(1,0-5,0) , ESR 28. What problem does this medical data indicate? Other indicators are in norm.

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Frequent urination - Childhood diseases

Qauestion:: Hello, I have a 12 years old child who urinates more frequently in the evening and at dawn and strains a bit to do so. There is no alteration in analysis. What do you advise us?

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Numbness in upper and lower extremities - Neurology

Qauestion:: I feel numbness in upper and lower extremities and as a result, I experience onset of chest pain. Also, this condition lasts day and night. I’m interested in causes of it.

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Tinnitus (noise and ringing in the ears) - Neurology

Qauestion:: Hello, I have noise and ringing in my ears for 3 months. What can be cause of it and how can I treat it. Thank you in advance.

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