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Qauestion:: My husband had a heart attack in May 2019 as per documents hereto attached and we are now looking for further treatment (either putting another stent or coronary artery bypass surgery (shunting), can you please advise the best focal point to contact to discuss method of treatment – either surgery or putting stent? I am sorry, the case history is in Russian and can be translated upon request. Thank you for your time!

According to the information provided by you, the damage of coronary arteries (vessels supplying blood to a heart) is clearly visible.
In such cases, the most effective treatment method is endovascular intervention: stenting or coronary shunting.
If one or more severe (more than 70%) arterial stenosis (narrowing) are detected, the common practice is to perform angioplasty and stenting. If the damage is more severe, surgical operation - aortocoronary shunting is conducted.
Compared to coronary shunting, coronary stenting has following advantages: coronary stenting doesn't require general narcosis or thoracotomy - a large surgical incision to open your thoracic cavity and it needs considerably less time in terms of the postoperative hospitalization (1-2 days, to compare - after coronary shunting 5-8 days are necessary for the hospitalization) and rehabilitation.
The decision is based on the various factors that are priorly determined and analyzed. Full examination of the patient and thorough study of his condition also takes place prior to method selection. First of all, we have to consider how safe is the specific procedure for the patient and which one is more effective in this case. Of course, such things cannot be determined via online correspondence since it will be very unprofessional.
Due to the fact that coronarography was conducted 4 months ago and we don't have the information on the current cardiologic data, following examinations has to be conducted in order to differentiate the appropriate method:

  • Electrocardiography;
  • Echocardioscopy;
  • Coronarography - coronary angiography (Repetition).

We'd like to remind you that our cardiology department is equipped with modern equipment and is comprised of highly qualified team of doctors who are guided by approved methods and modern guidelines.
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