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Arrhythmia- Cardiology

25 January 2021

Qauestion:: Hello, I’m 16 years old and it’s been a month since the onset of following symptoms: a rapid heartbeat, I feel it in my hands, legs, back, as well as in my gastric cardia and I also feel the pulsation in the abdomen after I eat. What can be the cause of these?

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coronarography- Cardiology

14 August 2019

Qauestion:: My husband had a heart attack in May 2019 as per documents hereto attached and we are now looking for further treatment (either putting another stent or coronary artery bypass surgery (shunting), can you please advise the best focal point to contact to discuss method of treatment – either surgery or putting stent? I am sorry, the case history is in Russian and can be translated upon request. Thank you for your time!

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Bradycardia- Cardiology

01 March 2019

Qauestion:: I took a heart ultrasound that showed no pathologies. Albeit, I still have issues with my heart. I often feel my heart rate weakening, measured once it can be – 80 and if measured in 10 minutes, it can be 65-70. Can it be a heart pathology or neurosis? And besides ultrasound, is there any examination that detects hidden pathologies of the heart at your clinic and how much does it cost?

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