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Frequently Asked Questions

Demodicosis - Ophthalmology

Qauestion:: As a result of ocular demodicosis treatment (Blefarogel 2), hyperplasia of the eyelash follicles occurred. As a stratum mass of the occluded area. No changes in one year. Is there any solution? Eyelashes grow in different directions.

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Qauestion:: Hello, doctor, I have a stomach problem, I swallowed a tube and was diagnosed with hiatal hernia I suffer from. I have severe heartburn, severe chest pain, random belching, trouble swallowing, even if I chew thoroughly, I still have trouble swallowing, nausea and bowel movement problems. I really would like to put an end to these problems that bother me a lot either with treatment or operation. Thank you in advance for your attention.

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Qauestion:: Hello, I often heave shortness of breath, also headaches (especially when nervous), blurred vision during which I perceive surroundings as if I’m half asleep, feeling fatigued since morning. What do these symptoms mean?

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Frenulum of the lip - Maxillofacial surgery

Qauestion:: Hello, I’d like to know if the short frenulum of the upper lip incision is conducted at your clinic and how much does this procedure cost? My gums are too visible when smiling and I’ve been advised to incise the frenulum.

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Pelvic-femoral joint endoprosthesis - Traumatology

Qauestion:: Welcome, early in November, the wife had pelvic thigh endoprosthesis. Golden staphylococcus was discovered after a dental implant was placed, and National Tuberculosis Center (Reference Laboratory) has been managing the TB treatment for more than a year. Following surgery, the condition dramatically improved for the first two months before deteriorating. Although the X-ray revealed no problems, the leg pain is worse. It has a slight swallowing and originates mostly in pelvis. Did you offer any suggestions. Thank you in advance.

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Bradycardia - Cardiology

Qauestion:: I took a heart ultrasound that showed no pathologies. Albeit, I still have issues with my heart. I often feel my heart rate weakening, measured once it can be – 80 and if measured in 10 minutes, it can be 65-70. Can it be a heart pathology or neurosis? And besides ultrasound, is there any examination that detects hidden pathologies of the heart at your clinic and how much does it cost?

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