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Frequently Asked Questions

Chemotherapy - Oncology

Qauestion:: Hello, My mother received several courses of chemotherapy, because of metastatic involvement of bone and liver. During that time platelet count significantly decreased and only presented with small skin hemorrhages. In chemotherapy, platelet count sometimes increases or decreases, she simultaneously takes Revolade (50mg) on a daily basis and underwent platelet transfusion several times that had an only short-term effect. Is it possible to find another solution for the mentioned problem at your clinic? Thanks in advance

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Varicose veins - Angiology

Qauestion:: Question: Greetings, I have varicose veins, visible lumps all over the left leg. Is laser surgery, ablation possible? And what does it cost?

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Sjogren syndrome - Rheumatology

Qauestion:: Greetings, I was probably diagnosed with Sjogren syndrome. It’s still a question and I’d like to know if there’s any test or analysis that confirm this disease.

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Coxarthrosis, oatmeal - Traumatology

Qauestion:: Hello, I was diagnosed with onset of coxarthrosis and take plexus. I’d like to know if daily consumption of oatmeal is recommended, they say oatmeal causes bone erosion.

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Vitamin D deficiency - Endocrinology

Qauestion:: Which medication is effective in vitamin D deficiency? I’m 31 years old

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Hydrocephalus - Neurology

Qauestion:: Hello, I want to know how threatening is hydrocephalus for 19 years old girl and is it enough to treat it with medication and needles

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