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Qauestion:: Greetings, I was probably diagnosed with Sjogren syndrome. It’s still a question and I’d like to know if there’s any test or analysis that confirm this disease.


Sjogren syndrome  is a systemic disease of salivary glands. It’s characterized with symptoms such as:

  • Dry eye- xerophthalmia;
  • Dry mouth – xerostomia;
  • Systemic polyarthritis;
  • Generally, dry mucous membranes (genitalia);
  • Increased size of parotid glands.

Mentioned disease often is related to inflammatory diseases of connective tissues, most commonly – scleroderma and systemic lupus erythematosus. Complete immunology test - antinuclear antibody (ANA) test is conducted to eliminate this pathologies. Also, anti-Ro/SSA and anti-La/SSB. Concurrent involvement of rheumatologist and immunologist is necessary.
For accurate diagnostics and treatment selection, we advise you to visit our clinic “New Life” to consult with a rheumatologist, where a highly qualified doctor, Mr. Otar Zhvania will provide appropriate assistance.

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