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Qauestion:: Hello, My mother received several courses of chemotherapy, because of metastatic involvement of bone and liver. During that time platelet count significantly decreased and only presented with small skin hemorrhages. In chemotherapy, platelet count sometimes increases or decreases, she simultaneously takes Revolade (50mg) on a daily basis and underwent platelet transfusion several times that had an only short-term effect. Is it possible to find another solution for the mentioned problem at your clinic? Thanks in advance


Chemotherapy is delivered only for oncology patients, for those who already have a confirmed cancer diagnosis.
Chemotherapy drugs have a cytotoxic effect. They “destroy” degenerated cells, reduce the size of the mass, in the best-case scenario, cancer disappears as a result of chemotherapy. In metastatic cancers, it’s a long term cancer remission. The medication combination is selected based on its' effect on different stages of the cell cycle. 

Some medications affect spread, growth or other phases of cancerous cells. There are different outlines provided for all nosology in the guidelines that our clinic is guided by. Generally, changes in blood formula are common in chemotherapy treatment – reduction of leukocytes, hemoglobin, platelets. In this particular case, the general somatic condition of the patient, comorbidities, function of different organs should be considered.

It’s recommended to know post-chemotherapeutic hemogram and so on. That’s why it's hard to give a comprehensive answer. 

You can visit the clinic alone at first, where we treat oncology patients with a multi-discipline approach. Each patient's case is reviewed and treatment is selected at onco-concilium by the group of oncologists, i.e., the so-called „Tumor Board“ comprising oncosurgeon, clinical oncologist, radiation oncologist, radiation therapy experts invited from Spain and U.S.

Also, we have a hematology (blood diseases) department, the largest in the country. Powerful and large hematology department with its' numerous and professional staff in the multi-field clinic is practically exclusive per its' capabilities. A patient with critical thrombocytopenia (low platelet count) can receive treatment at the hematology department, the cause, necessity of in-patient treatment and indications are determined by hematologist based on specific medical data.

If you decide to visit, it’s recommended to bring the results of the conducted studies. 

 For additional information, contact us at 577 119 119 or 2 02 25 25.

Thank you for trusting us, wish you health!

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