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Toe pain- Traumatology

Qauestion:: I have pain in the right long toe/following the big toe/ already for two months. I’m already limping. Initially, I had a pain in pads of feet, then in the toe as well. Toe is a bit swollen. It burns and aches as if I was doused with hot water. If you can’t help, who should I contact. Is it dangerous?

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Coxarthrosis, oatmeal- Traumatology

Qauestion:: Hello, I was diagnosed with onset of coxarthrosis and take plexus. I’d like to know if daily consumption of oatmeal is recommended, they say oatmeal causes bone erosion.

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Pelvic-femoral joint endoprosthesis- Traumatology

Qauestion:: Welcome, early in November, the wife had pelvic thigh endoprosthesis. Golden staphylococcus was discovered after a dental implant was placed, and National Tuberculosis Center (Reference Laboratory) has been managing the TB treatment for more than a year. Following surgery, the condition dramatically improved for the first two months before deteriorating. Although the X-ray revealed no problems, the leg pain is worse. It has a slight swallowing and originates mostly in pelvis. Did you offer any suggestions. Thank you in advance.

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