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Qauestion:: I have pain in the right long toe/following the big toe/ already for two months. I’m already limping. Initially, I had a pain in pads of feet, then in the toe as well. Toe is a bit swollen. It burns and aches as if I was doused with hot water. If you can’t help, who should I contact. Is it dangerous?


It’s impossible to diagnose remotely.
We need to clarify if together with the mentioned complaints, you’ve noticed a big toe slightly bent towards the long toe? If you did, we can assume that there’s an onset of Hallux Valgus that people call gout by mistake and is caused by the accumulation of serum uric acid. In this case, biomechanical disorder and foot deformities occur.

According to statistics, gout mostly occurs in men (95%), and bunions, i.e. Hallux Valgus mostly in women (98%).

The most common cause of Hallux Valgus can be a specific structure of the foot:

  • Flat feet;
  • Excessive flexibility of ligaments;
  • Abnormal bone structure;
  • Some neuralgic conditions.

Commonly, the mentioned factors are congenital. Uncomfortable shoes contribute to the rapid manifestation of the deformation, albeit the cause of the development is unknown. 

Diagnosing and prognosis of pathology can be unreliable without prompt involvement of a qualified doctor.

You can visit our clinic and consult with a traumatologist free of charge. Free consultation takes place every Thursday and Saturday based on appointments. After undergoing necessary clinical-laboratory tests, a diagnosis will be reached and you will receive respective treatment. 

For any additional information or an appointment for a free consultation, contact us at 577 119 119 or 2 02 25 25.

Thank you for trusting our clinic, wish you health!

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