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Qauestion:: Hello, I was diagnosed with onset of coxarthrosis and take plexus. I’d like to know if daily consumption of oatmeal is recommended, they say oatmeal causes bone erosion.

Coxarthrosis is a hip joint arthrosis.
The main aim of conservative treatment is to cease dystrophic process, but primarily, it’s without much results.
Nowadays, endoprosthesis of hip joint is considered the most effective treatment for coxarthrosis.


It’s made from oats, regulates gastric mucosa and improves bowel movement.
Albeit, constant consumption of oatmeal is not recommended.
The thing is that oats comprise phytic acid – substance that obstructs absorption of calcium in intestines.
Moreover, phytic acid not only obstructs absorption of calcium in the body, but also removes crucial microelement from bones.
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