Pelvic-femoral joint endoprosthesis - Traumatology

Qauestion:: Welcome, early in November, the wife had pelvic thigh endoprosthesis. Golden staphylococcus was discovered after a dental implant was placed, and National Tuberculosis Center (Reference Laboratory) has been managing the TB treatment for more than a year. Following surgery, the condition dramatically improved for the first two months before deteriorating. Although the X-ray revealed no problems, the leg pain is worse. It has a slight swallowing and originates mostly in pelvis. Did you offer any suggestions. Thank you in advance.


Endoprosthesis is a cutting-edge technique of treatment that entails replacing the injured joint with contemporary material (implant), but the joint's yogic mechanism is preserved, so it continues to function as it should.
Depending on the problem, the patient should speak with the treating doctor to ascertain the underlying reason and prescribe the best course of action.

Make sure to see doctor because a precise diagnosis can require additional clinical trials.

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