Qauestion:: Hello, I often heave shortness of breath, also headaches (especially when nervous), blurred vision during which I perceive surroundings as if I’m half asleep, feeling fatigued since morning. What do these symptoms mean?

Based on your statement, your condition resembles chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) that can be caused by various factors.
In chronic fatigue syndrome, the patient has many comorbidities such as:

  • General weakness;
  • Easily tired;
  • Reduced work presenteeism;
  • Sleep disturbance and so on.

Following conditions induce syndrome:

  • Smoking;
  • Malnutrition;
  • Lack of sleep;
  • Long-term consumption of certain drugs and so on.

CFS diagnosis is quite a current issue. Doctor orientates on the clinical presentation of the disease and laboratory tests. It’s better to seek endocrinologist and neurologist for your issue not to develop chronic characteristics and evolve into an unpleasant syndrome.
You may visit our clinic for the consultation with a neurologist who, based on your medical history, will run necessary clinical-laboratory tests, diagnose you and select an appropriate course of treatment.
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Thank you for trusting our clinic, wish you health!

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