Why is water vital to health?

Why is water vital to health?

Human body comprises 60% of water. Water is distinguished with beneficial, as well as healthy qualities.

Dehydration (i.e. deficit of total body water) causes number of health problems. During this time following develops:

  • Fatigue;
  • exhaustion;
  • Headache;
  • Heart rate acceleration;
  • weakness;
  • Deterioration of attention and concentration abilities;
  • Deterioration of memory.

Approximately 70-80% of the brain consists of water. The body and the mind fall under stress when feeling dehydrated, whereas the feeling of thirst already indicates light dehydration.

Do not wait for feeling of thirst. Drink this life-giving liquid now!

National Center of Surgery “New Life” clinic’s endocrinologist Ana Mamasakhlisi discusses health benefits of water.

We present water’s health benefits:

  • Water assists immunity to fight infections. Adequate amount of water consumption determines kidneys and liver’s normal functioning. With the help of water both organs remove harmful and toxic substances from body; That's why we advise  to consume fluids in high quantity in case of a cold and number of diseases;
  • Water also serves as a prophylactic means for obesity and diabetes. During dehydration  insulin and sugar flow progresses in an incorrect way;
  • Society’s widely spread notion that water fattens the body is a myth. In reality water assists weight loss processes, since it causes sense of being full and accelerates metabolism, especially cold water.
  • With water melatonin (sleep hormone) is properly produced through regime.
  • It is necessary to consume recommended quantity of water during osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis and other bone and joint diseases, because water nourishes connective and bone tissues;
  • Water helps digestion processes. Digestion begins from oral cavity with saliva and water is the base of it. Water deficiency leads to intestinal peristalsis deterioration, fecal impaction, and therefore constipation;
  • Protects body from overheating. That is why in summer it is especially recommended to consume water in high quantity;
  • Water is very important for skin, because it participates in collagen (collagen-protein that grants density and firmness to the connective tissue) synthesis. Dehydration supports skin aging and wrinkling processes. Dehydration might be the cause of skin dryness and hair fragility.
  • Water neutralizes gastric acid and that will prevent gastritis and peptic ulcer diseases.
  • Increased urethral stone diseases are evident in a world and one of the reasons for it is dehydration. Water dissolves salts and minerals in urine and in case of dehydration such salts generate solid crystals and  kidney stones

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