The Blood Bank

The function of the blood bank is to get, process, screen (for hepatitis B, C, HIV, syphilis) and study clinically (CBC, blood group, rhesus, phenotyping, and KeLL factor) the blood of the donor and provide the clinic with blood components.

The Blood Bank is equipped with high technology and modern machine for blood separation “Amicus” manufactured by the company “Fresenius”.

The ultra-modern machine gives us an opportunity to provide the dose of thrombocytes to the recipient, which is usually made from different donors and it requires only 200 mL of plasma.

The donation is useful for a recipient, as well as the donor.

"Amicus" gives donors the opportunity to save another life, as well as improve their own health condition. The thrombo concentrate preparation procedure equals the therapeutic plasmapheresis session.

Methods used in the Blood Bank of the clinic are innovative. Among other clinics of Georgia, the National Center of Surgery owns the most modern blood component separator machine.

The processes in the blood bank are robotized and highly sophisticated. The apparatus allows producing functionally powerful blood components, namely, thrombo concentrate and erythrocyte mass. In addition, blood plasma and stem cells are made.

All criteria are met to ensure the comfort and safety of the donor. A donor can relax and have fun, for example, watch a TV show, enjoy the music, get acquainted with the news on the Internet, entertain self with virtual games and more.

At the National Center of Surgery, the donation is safe and lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes.