Air conditioner and health - Why should not it be turned on during sleep, what diseases can it cause and is it recommended for a child?

It is impossible to imagine the summer season without the air conditioner.

Wherever we go, visit friends, work in the office or anywhere else, the air conditioner "greets" us everywhere. In a hot day, we try to be closer to the air-conditioner but how safe is the modern technology that has become an indivisible attribute of the summer season? The question - whether the air conditioner is bad for our health-  bothers many people and especially those who have young children at home.

Is the air conditioner safe for our health and what should we consider to get benefit from it? With this question, we addressed to the therapist of the multi-field department of the National Center of Surgery, Elene Zhorzholiani.

As Dr. Elene told us, the modern air conditioners are high-tech and the danger is reduced to the minimum. However, it is not recommended to stay in a dry and cold room for a long time, it is better to use the air conditioner only when the temperature on the street reaches high numbers. Dr. Elene explains that it is not desirable to use the air conditioner during sleep, as the risk of catching colds increases.

- Does the air conditioner cause any disease?

- When we talk about the negative effects of the air conditioner, the first and most important is the cold, which is caused by the direct impact of cold air coming from the air conditioner. This problem can be solved by modern, so-called split-systems. There is a risk of developing pneumonia caused by Legionella. Do not sit with your back to the air conditioner, make sure that the airflow is directed upwards and not directed to you. You should consider the allergic background. Keep in mind that the air conditioner filter attracts dust particles on which bacteria and microbes are located. As for freon, today modern technologies, including air conditioners, have been improved so much that their entry into the inner environment is almost impossible.

- What should we consider if we have a child at home?

- It does not matter whether you are an adult or a child, make sure that the room has the optimal temperature. Often air the room and remember, if all conditions are met, the air conditioner is not harmful to the immunity of the child.

- Does the air conditioner have an impact on vocal cords?

- If a person has a serious problem with the vocal cords, the conditioner will naturally have an influence. 2 factors should be taken into account - a sudden change in humidity and a very low temperature. Do not stand/sit next to the air conditioner, it is not recommended to have the air conditioner switched on all day long.

- What can you tell us about the air conditioner in the car, what should we consider?

- Maintain a normal temperature in the car.

- Some people say that they have a sore throat because of the air conditioner,but others feel completely comfortable, what can be the reason?

- The organism of each person is an individual. People who have done the tonsillectomy should pay a special attention to that. If possible, it is better to cool the room first and enter the room only when you turn off the air conditioner.

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