Magnetic resonance imaging of any single joint

Magnetic resonance imaging of any single joint

3 Tesla power, digital, artificial intelligence equipped magnetic resonance imaging in the Batumi clinic of the National Center of Surgery

A discount is available for the Siemens Magnetom Vida 3T digital 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging at the Batumi Clinic of the National Center of Surgery.

Carry out an MRI study of any one joint for 280 GEL instead of 340 GEL.

Examination of both the hip joints (coxae) 310 GEL.

3 Tesla MRI with its powerful and innovative Tim 4G architecture captures the highest quality image, which allows radiologists to visualize even the smallest anatomical structures, which guarantees accurate diagnosis.

Native Direct MR arthrography, which is included with Magnetom Vida 3T, enables the acquisition of high-quality images without the need for further contrast agents. It is especially useful for assessing injuries to the cartilage and tendons.

The promotion is valid every day, from Monday to Friday!


To take advantage of the discount, please register in advance at the number 0422 40 00 00

Address: Batumi, Gogol street, turn N2.

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