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The Best Quality Ultrasound Examination - The National Center Of Surgery

The National Center of Surgery’s "New Life" Clinic is outfitted with the most recent, high-end ultrasound machine, the Voluson E 10

A calming atmosphere awaits you. Doctor of Medicine Elene Shatirishvili works on the ultrasound machine at the National Center of Surgery Clinic "New Life."

The General Electric corporation created a true revolution in the medical market with the introduction of the new ultrasound machine Voluson E 10, which scientists have already dubbed "the smartest machine in the world." The Voluson E 10 allows the doctor to examine the patient in 2D, 3D, and 4D modes, which is especially useful when examining pregnant women because it provides a real-time image of the fetus. Doctors can obtain a clear image of the highest quality in a short time using the 4D technology of the electronic matrix of the ultra-modern device. The image is sharply visualized by the device. Its innovative platform and software reduced the time required for both 2D visualization and 4D reconstruction substantially. The device has a highly sensitive and multifunctional doppler. The most realistic image is provided by the electronic convex type 4D transmitter. This function allows for the detection of fatal pathologies in their early stages, which was previously unavailable!
Numerous cutting-edge features enable the doctor to make a diagnosis as early as the first trimester of pregnancy. Among the most important applications, HD LIVE and HD LIVE SMOOTH stand out. You understand how emotional it is for a parent to meet their child before birth. This unforgettable sensation and opportunity are provided by Voluson E 10. We can see fetal mimicry thanks to the device. Future parents can see the baby's mood in the womb on the screen. The image is so authentic and evident that the fetus's emotion is clearly visible. The STIC system, which allows us to assess the fetal heart's function in real-time, deserves special mention.
Another advantage of this device is that we can see the blood flow in the fetus's blood vessels in real-time. We can see the fetus's skeleton, brain, and facial muscles as early as the first trimester. Because the device detects abnormalities in fetal development at an early stage, we prevent a number of complications. At an early stage, we can see a variety of pathologies of the fetus's spine and brain. And, thanks to HD LIVE SILUET, we can see the fetus's internal organs at an early stage.
Babies born in 2015 and later have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to witness their parents' pregnancy years later, thanks to the National Center of Surgery's “New Life” Clinic.
This modern device, nevertheless, is not only used in obstetric research. When examining the thyroid gland, mammary gland (echo-mammography), abdominal cavity, and urogenital system with the same ultrasound machine, the best quality image is obtained. We can use elastography to determine the nature of the neoplasm, such as whether it is benign or malignant. We can predict treatment strategies 95% of the time.
We can clearly see the internal organs and their functioning in the abdominal cavity using Voluson E 10. The device can also be used to diagnose soft tissue pathological processes.
We detect uterine pathologies in a 3D mode in gynecology. We can detect uterine nodular myomas, polyps, ovarian cysts, and other abnormalities.
The old machines required 20-30 minutes for the examination on average, but the additional benefit of this machine is time savings, the procedure time is nearly halved.
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