When is the swimming in the sea beneficial for people suffering from the varicose veins? Is sand bathing and tanning harmful to varicose veins?

When is the swimming in the sea beneficial for people suffering from the varicose veins? Is sand bathing and tanning harmful to varicose veins?

Varicose veins – is the disease, that causes the dilation and thinning of the vessel walls.

As a rule, women are three times more likely to suffer from this disease, than men.

In this interview, readers who suffer from varicose veins will receive advice on when it is better to swim in the sea, is tanning recommended, what water temperature is the best for health, is sand bathing harmful and etc.

It is well known that in the summer period some women with varicose veins of the lower extremities feel uncomfortable in swimming suits and skirts. For some, legs “decorated with vascular stars” are a big problem and they think that tanning will hide those imperfections. Although staying on the beach is not such a good idea, since the sun is dangerous for varicose veins!

We all agree that July and August are those months of the year when most people throughout the world, including Georgia, visit sea resorts.

If you have varicose veins, and you plan to swim in the sea, the lake or in the pool, consider these recommendations.

"Swimming is extremely useful for people suffering from venous insufficiency and varicose veins. Water prevents the pooling of venous blood, but as soon as you get out of the water, and the sun rays fall on your feet, all the beneficial properties of the sea will immediately disappear. Even short-term exposure to sunlight and high temperature can expand the vessels,- ".

- What should people suffering from varicose veins consider while planning their vacation on the beach?

- Dress so that your legs are covered. When you have varicose veins and spider veins or swelling is visible on the lower extremities, avoid exposure to the sun. Always remember that the high temperature, the sun can complicate the situation, and the cold - improve.

- Many people believe that burying the lower extremities in the sand is useful for varicose veins. How effective is this method and does it have any meaning?

- Two things should be taken into account – magnetic sand is very useful for people suffering from the musculoskeletal diseases, burying the lower extremities in the sand is beneficial for health, but if we talk about varicose veins - forget about it! Any kind of heat, sand or other, is fatal for varicose veins. The beneficial effect of magnetic sand vanishes, when the legs are in the sand. If you still want to cover your feet with the sand, make sure that the sand is cool and moist.

- Some women think that the suntan can hide the prominent varicoseveins. Please explain to our reader why they should not behave this way?

- Suntan accelerates and promotes the rapid development of venous spiders. Do you wonder what will happen? Maybe a tan can hide these spider nets at that moment, but by the end of summer, when you can no longer enjoy the natural sunbaths, you will notice that the veins on your legs are twice prominent.

- as you know, swimming in the sea, the lake, the river or the pool is very popular in the summer. All people should avoid staying on the beach in the midday sun. As you explained in an interview with us, the midday sun is especially dangerous for people with varicose veins. Please, explain to our readers why they should avoid spending the day in the sun?

- The sun is dangerous for varicose veins! We must avoid direct exposure to sunlight. The result will be as follows - if you are exposed to the direct sunlight, today you will get a result that would have been in 10 years. Direct exposure of the sun accelerates the development of the disease tenfold.

- Many people suffering from varicose veins will read this interview. At what time of the day (at what hours) is it desirable to go out to the beach and what is the most useful water temperature for them?

- Cool water and less heat are very useful[G1] . The ideal option is to go to the beach early in the morning till 11:00 hours and in the evening after 18:00 hours. In this period, you can enjoy swimming in the sea and improve your condition![G2] 

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